About MEEE! –
     A huge proponent of self love & self growth, I believe in bringing forth bold and positive energy in everything that I do! I value trust and friendship the most.
From my early days as a driven undergraduate student, I experienced my first real estate transaction in the preconstruction real estate market. Fast forward a dozen years, I am now aggressively growing my personal real estate portfolio and helping others to do the same. With a long term comprehensive planning and educational approach, my focus will not only be on your personal investment portfolio growth, but also on manifesting a home in which you and your family can build on your dreams! Whether the conversation is surrounding interior design and finishes, lifestyle living and location amenities, or cash flow and return on investment, I can confidently advise.
I operate on a ‘no-excuses’ mindset and make a lifestyle surrounding my work and play – thus I am tireless in my efforts since real estate work is genuinely fun for me. My multitude of personal life and investment experiences and learnings from multiple small businesses that I have built myself, marketed and operated in different industries have equipped me to navigate through the varying and evolving needs of the modern day homebuyer and real estate investor.
Why I chose Core Assets – 
      To put it succinctly, big brand power + boutique cozy feel. You may or may not already know, that as real estate sales agents, we all need to be part of a brokerage in order to trade in real estate, no matter how experienced. That doesn’t change whether you have a broker’s license or not. Thus, the brokerage we choose to be a part of has a huge reflection on our own personal brand as well as how we operate our businesses with our clients. 
        I am so proud to be a part of a group of motivated and dedicated individuals who not only put their clients’ needs at the forefront of their core processes, but who really value and support their employees. We are an energetic and passionate team of striving individuals in an ever-changing market, here to make a stand, eager to prove our worth. Backed by founding partners Jordan and Paul each with 15 years of extensive experience in large franchise brands in both residential and commercial transactions, as well as equity partners Joel and John, each member of our team gets hands-on mentorship and individual face-time with all partners of our brokerage – this is truly one of the differentiators of our competing brokerages. We are truly supported by leaders who are very much actively transacting in the field – and the level of support and care does not get more current and relevant than that! 
Celebrating 1 billion in Sales – 
     Core Assets Real Estate, Brokerage has recently reached an important and significant milestone in a world full of large competing brokerages – and that is our one billion sales mark! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every relationship within the team and with our clients that has supported our growth. 
       Our core values are – 

              -Form and Function (continuously evolving with changing industry technology)
              -Passion Over Performance (we choose the right people and we learn together)
              -Collaborative Culture (collaborate, share & grow – it’s our lifestyle)
       We’re great at what we do – and we love to work with passionate individuals who love to learn and be part of the process in a very informed and empowered way. At the end of the day, we are grateful to have YOU and your families along with the journey!!